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your request, our fullfillment!
All about us.. ! 
30th-Jan-2009 08:21 am
so here's the page where you'll know about us !

our group name PONNYAGLOMPCHUU represents each one of us..

so let's start !



Nickname: Ati-chan
Location: Malaysia
Interests: Make new friends, watching dramas,listen to music,play badminton, swimming, jungle tracking  
Fandom: HSJ
Likes: Cats, Yamada Ryosuke, Friends, Fanfic, JE.
I can make a: Phone theme, CR[crunchyroll] avis, wallpapers
Random notes: Love JE so much!!!Especially Yamada Ryosuke!!^_~
websites to keep me in touch: Friendster, myspace, ownskin,puricute,yahoo!


Nickname: Gin , Reiku
Location: canada[currently]
Interests: FOOD, stuff toys, pillows, editing, music, anime etc+
Fandom: Arashi...Kat-tun...HSJ...NEWS...DBSK...F4...Fahrenheit
Likes: Dogs... Cats...Fanfictions...Cute things
Dislikes: Spiders and big, flying cockroaches... uwaa!
I can make a: Wallpaper, SFO/FO Banner, Header, GIF, Icons
Random Notes: Hai I am NYA! Hajime mashite min'na! I'll try my best to provide you with graphics done by me. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu*bows*
Websites to keep me in touch: crunchyroll, livejournal, imeem, youtube


Nickname: xtine, tine-chan, tine..all of them will be good
Location: Philippines
Interests: Well I have many interests actually..but some of it are..well JPOP, KPOP and others..I'm also interested in sports..surprisingly i'm an athletic girl..haha..that's all for now..
Fandom: I'm a fangirl of JPOP, particularly, Johnny's entertainment groups..like NEWS(ichiban!) Hey Say Jump!, Kat-tun(first ever group i've known that's from Japan)..I'm also a fan of KPOP..particularly SHINee ! DBSK, wondergirls, and RAIN!! and others..well the first group i've fangirled is Fahrenheit..
Likes: I love the color red! and black too.. I'm not really into stuff toys..but i have a lot of them..well..you may be surprised but i'm a twilight fan..haha..so that's all for now..
Dislikes: hmm..I odn't reallly know..in particular
I can make: I can make avis, headers and banners..^^
Random Notes: Hi everyone! I'm tine! I represent GLOMP in our group..^^!haha..hope you'll all be happy with this community ne?I'll do my best with your requests!
Websites to keep me in touch: Crunchyroll, Multiply, friendster, yahoo


Nickname: The (pronounced as t-e with a h sound in between) or Esereth
Location: Philippines!
Interests: as long as it's interesting, it's fine! ^^
Fandom: JE groups! ^^
Likes: err. i like a lot of things. ^^
Dislikes: i don't really dislike anything unless there is something to dislike about it. ^^
I can make a: err. i can try to make anything. i am not good though. i am still learning. but i am trying and working hard. ^^
Random notes: hi there! nice to meet you! hope you'll enjoy you stay in the community! i am sorry if my works are not of the best ones, but i still try so i hope you'll still appreciate it! ^^
websites to keep me in touch: crunchyroll, youtube, livejournal

There you have it..all about us..^^

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