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your request, our fullfillment!
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Welcome to ponnyaglompchuu!!!

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Our LJ community provides graphics made by atij, reigin_chan, kawaiipichan and bowling1991. Our site's collection of graphics are for public use except on condition that you request through the help of our request master post. Please feel free to browse around if you're interested. Kindly leave a comment and give credits. Either WATCH or JOIN us. It would be more appreciated.


Our works in here are only fanarts so therefore it is UNOFFICIAL. We do not claim its sources, the celebrities, the groups and the people in the graphics to be on our own. All of the ideas depicted in this journal is all of our own, unless specified by details.

Anyone don't hesitate to join! Yoroshiku ne~

30th-Jan-2009 08:21 am - All about us.. !
so here's the page where you'll know about us !

our group name PONNYAGLOMPCHUU represents each one of us..

so let's start !



Nickname: Ati-chan
Location: Malaysia
Interests: Make new friends, watching dramas,listen to music,play badminton, swimming, jungle tracking  
Fandom: HSJ
Likes: Cats, Yamada Ryosuke, Friends, Fanfic, JE.
I can make a: Phone theme, CR[crunchyroll] avis, wallpapers
Random notes: Love JE so much!!!Especially Yamada Ryosuke!!^_~
websites to keep me in touch: Friendster, myspace, ownskin,puricute,yahoo!


Nickname: Gin , Reiku
Location: canada[currently]
Interests: FOOD, stuff toys, pillows, editing, music, anime etc+
Fandom: Arashi...Kat-tun...HSJ...NEWS...DBSK...F4...Fahrenheit
Likes: Dogs... Cats...Fanfictions...Cute things
Dislikes: Spiders and big, flying cockroaches... uwaa!
I can make a: Wallpaper, SFO/FO Banner, Header, GIF, Icons
Random Notes: Hai I am NYA! Hajime mashite min'na! I'll try my best to provide you with graphics done by me. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu*bows*
Websites to keep me in touch: crunchyroll, livejournal, imeem, youtube


Nickname: xtine, tine-chan, tine..all of them will be good
Location: Philippines
Interests: Well I have many interests actually..but some of it are..well JPOP, KPOP and others..I'm also interested in sports..surprisingly i'm an athletic girl..haha..that's all for now..
Fandom: I'm a fangirl of JPOP, particularly, Johnny's entertainment groups..like NEWS(ichiban!) Hey Say Jump!, Kat-tun(first ever group i've known that's from Japan)..I'm also a fan of KPOP..particularly SHINee ! DBSK, wondergirls, and RAIN!! and others..well the first group i've fangirled is Fahrenheit..
Likes: I love the color red! and black too.. I'm not really into stuff toys..but i have a lot of them..well..you may be surprised but i'm a twilight fan..haha..so that's all for now..
Dislikes: hmm..I odn't reallly know..in particular
I can make: I can make avis, headers and banners..^^
Random Notes: Hi everyone! I'm tine! I represent GLOMP in our group..^^!haha..hope you'll all be happy with this community ne?I'll do my best with your requests!
Websites to keep me in touch: Crunchyroll, Multiply, friendster, yahoo


Nickname: The (pronounced as t-e with a h sound in between) or Esereth
Location: Philippines!
Interests: as long as it's interesting, it's fine! ^^
Fandom: JE groups! ^^
Likes: err. i like a lot of things. ^^
Dislikes: i don't really dislike anything unless there is something to dislike about it. ^^
I can make a: err. i can try to make anything. i am not good though. i am still learning. but i am trying and working hard. ^^
Random notes: hi there! nice to meet you! hope you'll enjoy you stay in the community! i am sorry if my works are not of the best ones, but i still try so i hope you'll still appreciate it! ^^
websites to keep me in touch: crunchyroll, youtube, livejournal

There you have it..all about us..^^

23rd-Sep-2008 11:12 am - ^Dos and Don'ts^

We're not that strict to start with but of course, we can't avoid having some few rules in a community right? Don't worry they're just simple, similar to some rules in other communities and groups. So all we need is follow them. Below are ponnyaglompchuu's rules: 

1.  Do respect us [maintainers and moderators] and each of the members who are watching/joining this group. If our works don't soothe yourself, then we strongly recommend you to remain silent if you have nothing good to say about them.

2. Do comment pls if you're taking or sneaking any of our works. Feedbacks are great. That way, it would be precise knowing that someone appreciates our work and use it.

3. For  icons, seek permission from us if you're going to use them as your bases.

4.  Please enjoy our work!

5. Do credit us.  Either link back to this community or you may use some of our logo brushes here used by the four of us. [it depends to whom you requested for.]

6. We welcome constructive criticisms. These help us make improvements. Just remember don't be so rude, we also have our limits too, you know.

7. No hotlinking allowed. Either upload your images to your server available in Photobucket, Imageshack or Tinypic. Those three sites mentioned are free so no need to feel uneasy about it.

8.  Absolutely no bashing/flaming any of the fandoms we used for our works, NOT EVEN US.

9. Do not edit any of our works, in any way or form possible.

10. Do not claim any of our works as your own.

What can you say?It's simple right? So therefore be abide by these dos and don'ts  =P

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